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Well-designed and professionally installed fencing can redefine your home or commercial property to be more appealing, safer, more secure, and more private. And when you need Kirkland Fence Builders who define quality fencing, you can count on

We provide a full range of premium products, tech-based expert design, and exceptional installation workmanship.

We are family-owned Kirkland Fence Builders and we stand for the values of trust, commitment, and reliability. Unmatched quality is just one of the reasons for choosing us. We are among the first fence companies in the country to offer prefabricated custom-constructed fence solutions.

We use the Fence Genius software system to facilitate our custom-designing and prefabrication process. Our unique tech-based design process allows you to view how your custom fence will turn out during the design phase.

Wooden fences have been used traditionally for their classic appeal. Our Kirkland Fence Builders are specialists in creating western red cedar fence systems. We can create custom wooden fences that create an inviting allure for your home.

No two trees can ever be alike. So each wooden fence our Kirkland Fence Builders create is unique and a piece of art in itself.

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Kirkland Fencing Builder

Every fence has a purpose. Whether you prefer a fence that enhances your yard�s beauty or provides more privacy, our Kirkland Fencing Builder can provide custom solutions. Whether you like traditional looks or a contemporary flare, our Kirkland Fencing Builder can help you choose the right materials and create a custom design.

Our Kirkland Fencing Builder can work closely with you to tailor a custom fence to your needs and specifications. Some of the common styles we regularly design and install include horizontal lattice top, horizontal cedar, craftsman-style, Santa Fe style, and solid top fences.

Some of the key steps involved in our custom-built, off-site fence prefabrication process are as follows:

  • The fence posts are installed similar to traditional site-built fences
  • We will use Fence Genius to measure the preset posts to facilitate the proposed fence�s design based on the fence run lengths and the terrain
  • Once you agree with the final design, our Kirkland Fencing Builder will start constructing your fence off-site

On delivery day, we will install your fence efficiently and quietly. Every Kirkland Fencing Builder on our team takes pride in our ability to enhance your home�s privacy and looks.

If you are looking for the perfect Kirkland Fencing Builder, feel free to contact at (253) 455-1885!

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