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First of its kind fence innovation. Trust our software to calculate the perfect fence for your yard!
Welcome to

Welcome to, where your dream fence becomes a reality. With our
innovative Fence Genius software and technology, we can work together to design and customize the perfect fence to match your style and needs. Trust in our premium materials, and software that calculates each component for us to prefabricate offsite. Optimizing material yield, and giving you the highest quality fence, for a very competitive price. 

Why Choose as your Fence Contractor?

Experience Unmatched Clarity, Quality, and Speed Through Our Advanced Software

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Family Owned Fence Contractor

At, we're not just a business, we're a family. Spearheaded by a dynamic father-son duo, our company reflects the values of family - trust, reliability, and commitment. With a shared vision, we've created a platform that makes custom fence design and installation accessible to all.

We understand that every investment in your property is a significant decision. That's why we've crafted our services to offer complete transparency and clarity. Our platform allows you to visualize your custom fence design, enabling you to make informed, confident decisions. With us, you don't just invest in a fence; you invest in peace of mind.

Exclusive is one of the first fence contractors in the nation who is a provider of Prefabricated, Custom Built Fence Systems made possible by the Fence Genius Software and Technology.

Experience a whole new way of fence design & installation.


We are partnered with Fence Genius, a fence Design and Fabrication software initially targeting wood fence construction and installation. With their innovative technology, we at are sure to give you an unmatched fence Design and Installation experience.


Let us work for you to Design, Build and Install your custom fence to fit your unique property. Don't rely on a simple picture of a similar fence to define expectations. As a consumer, know what you will get for your fence investment before it is built!

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A Perfect Fence, Every Time

A common issue as a customer is finding a reliable fence contractor that will deliver a great fence to you for a reasonable price. There is no standardized way that fences are built since it is traditionally something that has to be made on the fly. 

This is where we step in, with the Fence Genius technology, we are sure to deliver you arguably the best fence possible for a fantastic price. Having software do all of the design work enables us to pre-fabricate each custom panel to match your exact design.

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Fence Company
Paint it Black Series

This premiere fence pre-finish style is pre-stained with 2 colors for a unique look.

Be it the ‘Paint it Black’ or our typical Natural Cedar pre-finishing options, pre-staining seals all those hidden areas such as between the boards and behind the rails and trim, allowing maximum cedar life span for your dream fence!

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Fully Customizable
Fence Styles

Horizontal Lattice Top Fence

Fully Customizable
Gate Styles

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Horizontal Lattice Top Gates

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Fence Contractor Near Me

When it comes to finding the perfect "Fence Contractor Near Me," homeowners and businesses alike seek reliability, expertise, and innovative solutions. stands out as a revolutionary fence company, integrating new technology, software, and systems to elevate the fencing industry to new heights.

At, we understand the importance of securing your property with a high-quality fence that not only enhances privacy but also adds aesthetic value. Our commitment to excellence and competitive pricing makes us the go-to "Fence Contractor Near Me" for all your wood fencing needs.

Why Choose

  • Innovative Solutions: Leveraging cutting-edge technology to design and install fences that meet your specific requirements.

  • Quality Craftsmanship: Our skilled professionals ensure the highest quality fences, built to last.

  • Cost-Effective: Optimizing costs through efficient systems and software, providing competitive pricing without compromising on quality.

  • Customer-Centric: At, your satisfaction is our priority. We tailor our services to meet your unique needs..

Finding a "Fence Contractor Near Me" has never been easier. leads the way in delivering exceptional fencing solutions, tailored to each client's individual needs. Our dedication to innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction sets us apart in the fencing industry.

Whether you're looking for a privacy fence, security fence, or a decorative addition to your property, is your trusted "Fence Contractor Near Me." Our approach to fence installation combines traditional craftsmanship with modern technology, ensuring durable and aesthetically pleasing results.

Don't settle for less when securing your property. Choose, where quality meets innovation. For inquiries and to schedule a consultation, call us today at (253) 455-1885. Let us help you bring your vision to life with the perfect fencing solution.

Fence Contractor Near Me

Local Fence Company in Seattle

In search of a dependable local fence company for your property needs? Dive deeper with, the foremost authority when it comes to high-quality fencing solutions. Opting for a local fence company ensures personalized service, faster project completion, and understanding of local regulations.

As a renowned local fence company, takes pride in being licensed, bonded, and insured, ensuring peace of mind for all our customers. Whether you're seeking a wooden privacy fence, we’ve got you covered. Give us a call today and see why so many trust us as their go-to local fence company!

By choosing, your local fence company, you'll benefit from:

  • Expert consultation and personalized designs

  • High-quality, durable materials tailored to your region

  • Knowledge of local zoning laws and regulations

  • Quick installation with minimal disruption

  • Maintenance and repair services to keep your fence looking fresh

Ready to transform your property with a fence that combines aesthetics and function? Look no further! Reach out to, the most reliable local fence company in the region.

Call for top-tier fencing solutions from a trusted local fence company now!

(253) 455-1885

Local Fence Company

Fence Company Near Seattle

Are you tirelessly searching online for a "fence company near me"? Stop your hunt and connect with, the premier choice for those seeking the perfect fencing solution in proximity. When you type "fence company near me," you're not just looking for convenience, but for local expertise and swift service.

As the leading choice that pops up for "fence company near me," is licensed, bonded, and insured, setting the gold standard in local fencing solutions. Whether you’re envisioning a cedar barrier or a more intricate design, we bring your ideas to life. So the next time you think, "I need the best fence company near me," remember we're just one call away!

Opting for when you search for a "fence company near me" ensures:

  • Personalized fence design to match your home's aesthetic

  • Durable materials fit for the local climate

  • Deep understanding of neighborhood regulations and codes

  • Efficient installation with the highest standards

  • Easy-to-access maintenance and repair services

Want a fence that stands out in the neighborhood and stands strong through the seasons? is the answer to your "fence company near me" query. Enhance your property's curb appeal and security today!

Dial when you want the very best from your "fence company near me" search!

(253) 455-1885

Fence Company

As a local Seattle Fence contractor, is a brand new, innovative solution for fencing. Providing unmatched quality, custom solutions for our local clients with all their needs. As a new contractor, we are embracing new methods of fencing, and leaving the old ways behind, we stand out for our customer service as well as customer experience as we offer industry leading software to optimize your experience.

When we initially meet, our entire staff will be dedicated to involve you in the process of making your fence. With an initial quote, we can figure out what styles of fences you would like to observe in our unique 3D environment. 

We make sure that the job gets done right the first time when you hire, so that you don't have to worry about it. 

When you are in need of the services of a Seattle Fence expert, feel free to call us anytime! We ar
e your one-stop-shop for wood fencing

Call our expert team at today!


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