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Family Owned Values Father & Son

At, we’re not just a business, we’re a family. Spearheaded by a dynamic father-son duo, our company reflects the values of family – trust, reliability, and commitment. With a shared vision, we’ve created a platform that makes custom fence design and installation accessible to all.

We understand that every investment in your property is a significant decision. That’s why we’ve crafted our services to offer complete transparency and clarity. Our platform allows you to visualize your custom fence design, enabling you to make informed, confident decisions. With us, you don’t just invest in a fence; you invest in peace of mind.

Exclusive is one of the first fence contractors in the nation who is a provider of Prefabricated, Custom Built Fence Systems made possible by the Fence Genius Software and Technology.

Experience a whole new way of fence design & installation.


We are partnered with Fence Genius, a fence Design and Fabrication software initially targeting wood fence construction and installation. With their innovative technology, we at are sure to give you an unmatched fence Design and Installation experience.


Let us work for you to Design, Build and Install your custom fence to fit your unique property. Don’t rely on a simple picture of a similar fence to define expectations. As a consumer, know what you will get for your fence investment before it is built!

A Perfect Fence, Every Time

A common issue as a customer is finding a reliable fence contractor that will deliver a great fence to you for a reasonable price. There is no standardized way that fences are built since it is traditionally something that has to be made on the fly. 

This is where we step in, with the Fence Genius technology, we are sure to deliver you arguably the best fence possible for a fantastic price. Having software do all of the design work enables us to pre-fabricate each custom panel to match your exact design.

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