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Sammamish Wood Fence Contractors Building Custom Fences

Sammamish Wood Fence Contractors is one of the very few Sammamish wood fence contractors who have partnered with an innovative fence design software, Fence Genius. As one of the top Sammamish wood fence contractors, we make it easy and hassle-free for our clients to design their own fences.

Whether you need a wood fence for your home or commercial property, we are one of the most trusted Sammamish wood fence contractors for the job. Our innovative tool allows our clients to explore different fence styles and configurations to find what complements their property.

Fence Genius lets you design multiple fence sections with different styles for a cohesive, customized look. Once you have settled on your perfect design, Fence Genius will provide us with a precise list of materials and cutting instructions so we can prefabricate your fence offsite.

This allows for an efficient installation, minimizing time spent working in your yard. is one of the premier Sammamish wood fence contractors using only the highest quality materials for fences that can withstand the elements. Our wood fencing is crafted from durable, rot-resistant cedar.

With a custom fence installed by one of the top Sammamish wood fence contractors, call us at (253) 455-1885.

Fence Design & Installation By a Top Sammamish Wood Fence Company

Sammamish Wood Fence Company is a Sammamish wood fence company using innovative technology to provide the highest quality fencing options. As a Sammamish wood fence company, we start the process of building a new fence with our proprietary Fence Genius software.

This cutting-edge helps you design your dream fence. Fence Genius is a powerful tool that lets us work together to determine the perfect style, height, and dimensions for your needs. Here are the reasons why we should be your Sammamish wood fence company of choice:

  • Customized design: Our cutting-edge Fence Genius software allows us to work closely with you to design your fence to your actual terrain and fence run lengths. We want your fence to be exactly how you envisioned.
  • Precise Prefabrication: By prefabricating each section of your fence offsite to the exact measurements, our Sammamish wood fence company eliminates waste. Each component is cut, drilled, and assembled under controlled conditions.
  • Seamless installation: Once the prefabricated sections arrive, we get to work. We have the knowledgeable to efficiently put the sections together and secure your new fence. The pre-built panels make installation fast, minimizes disruption at your home.

We are a premier Sammamish wood fence company specializes in designing and installing a custom wood fence that will enhance your property for many years to come. Contact us at (253) 455-1885 to make your dream fence a reality!

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