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Wood Fence Styles

At we use only the highest of quality of materials to make sure that your fence investment stands the test of time.

Below is a category of common fence styles we have built for customers. If you are looking for a more unique custom look, feel free to get in contact with us and we can certainly find a solution for your desire!

Picture Frame Style

What is a picture frame fence? A picture frame fence has the detail where there are no boards hanging below the bottom rail and trim. Creating this visual picture frame fence appeal. At we use the Fence Genius software to deliver this premium style, at no added cost!

As a result, this is our most common fence style that we build for our customers.

Full Panel Style

Differing from the "Picture Frame Fence" style, we now take a look at the full panel fence. This is common among communities due to the nature of how it was "easier" to build in comparison to the picture frame. Generally the bottom rail & corresponding trim are 3.5-6" off the ground.