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Fence Replacements

Keeping your fence looking great is essential to adding value to your home and increasing the appeal of your home. We understand the frustration there is to get a new wood fence. Don't rely on example pictures anymore. Book a call with us and we can choose from a variety of different styles and begin to see how your fence will look in your property.

Beautiful wood cedar fence

Is a Fence Replacement for you?

We strongly believe in getting you the best wood fence for your buck. Our innovative fence technology will help guide you to design your dream wood fence that compliments your home. If you feel that it is time for a fence replacement, call today!

Panel 6: Post 6 - Post 7

What are the benefits of Fence Genius?

When you buy from you are buying a tech produced fence. What this means for you as a customer, is each and every custom wood fence panel you design is data. So if a tree falls on your fence, a replacement is simply a click away. We can rapidly reproduce your wood fence panel and have it delivered promptly. 

Fence panel replacement rendered in software
Old worn down fence

When should I replace my wood fence?

Wondering when it is time to replace your wood fence in your backyard? We can provide expert insights and guidance on wood fence maintenance, signs of deterioration, and the best possible practices for determining if its time for a wood fence replacement.

My fence is decrypted, but my wood posts look good

If your fence is old and worn, but the wood posts are still in good condition, we have a solution for you. Learn about our specialized fence panel replacement services, where we can replace your worn-out fence panels while utilizing the existing sturdy wood posts. Discover how we can refresh the look of your fence without the need for a full replacement.

Broken fence that needs fixing

Want to learn more about the technology?

fence render

When you get on a call with one of our representatives, we will do an initial quote for your fence. After that we would come out and scan your fence line with our iOS app to get a near finalized quote price, and an environment to edit your fence. From that point, posts would be installed, and the custom panels would be delivered

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