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Why are Custom Built, Ready-To-Install Fence Panels Superior to Site Built?

It is important to address the elephant in the room with pre fabricated panels. A contactor, or a DIY individual who has experienced commodity fence panels will understand that they are low quality. What we here at have done, is embraced new technology that operates as if we were building on site. Capturing data from each post, allows the design and pre manufacturing of the fence to be the highest quality. Every cut is prompted down to the quarter of a degree. Inherently out performing even the most skilled contractor. The software, holds our custom fence product to a standard of a higher quality.

When a custom built, ready to install fence panel system is built offsite, in a climate controlled environment using better floor-based tools and a centralized work force. The right tool is always in the right place, at the right time. Panels are fabricated to a higher average standard then they otherwise would be if it was onsite using hand tools in the weather conditions.

Don't be misinformed by the old ways of fencing, let's embrace technology in this archaic fence industry.


It comes down to the fact that they are built as panels. Typical site-built practices use nail guns to toe nail the rails to the posts, haphazardly placing those fasteners and sometimes even missing. With the Offsite prefabrication process, we pre-drill screw holes in every rail using a fixture, for a consistent, well placed screw fastener installation.

Panels go in in about 3 minutes per panel, so they can come out for re-staining on sawhorses in about the same amount of time. This may enable you to bring panel by panel into your garage to work those panels as you have time and out of the weather.

Prefabrication using our Fence Genius software and built by can bring so many benefits to your Custom Built Wood Fence System!

Fence Styles
Fence Styles

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