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Fence Structure for My Fence

Surface mount on the front face of the post, or between the posts?


Wood fences are built in various regions of the country in different ways. Some regions typically run long rail systems spanning 3 posts and alternating the post they land on. Other areas provide panels that are built between posts.

This decision is partly based on the raw material being used but is also related to the skill or perhaps the time to build expectation.

Now certainly a face mounted rail system can more forgivingly provide structural stability, as the installer can through nail straight into the post, and it can also bring some benefits to help reduce warping of rails IF the raw material such as Southern Yellow Pine is susceptible to that, it results in a fence with two very different looking faces. One face can be smooth and seamless, but the other side has offset posts and rails and provides more of a structural rather than cosmetic look to it.

A system properly built to fit between posts can bring more of an architectural look to both sides of the fence, but to be secure it is very important it is properly fastened to the posts. So many Site-Built fence builders haphazardly Toe Nail their rails to the posts, using pneumatics for speed, sometimes hitting properly, sometimes not so much. With the Fence Genius Technology, each rail is Pre-Drilled for the most optimum Screw Fastener Placement.

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