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Dog Sized Fences for My Fence

Dog Fences

All our fence styles can be built to any reasonable height. Approximately three feet tall, no problem. 42"? 50? We can cover anything in between as all of our product is made to fit your exact needs. Dog fences can take a beating as your dog runs and plays. When choosing a dog fence, consider the durability and repairability of a wood fence panel system. Once damaged, it can be more difficult to repair specialty materials such as Vinyl, especially if your previous supplier is no longer in business. With a wood fence panel system designed and built using Fence Genius Technology, a replacement panel can be ordered without preliminary need for an expensive site visit for estimations and to meet a standard contractors "minimum." So when your dog destroys a panel of even just a board, Fence Genius fence panels can be repaired by simply ordering online!

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