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Choosing The Right Stain for My Fence

How to choose a stain that perfectly compliments your new wood fence!

Choosing the right stain for your fence:

Wood fences are highly susceptible to the adverse effects of the Sun’s UV rays. Additionally, the freeze thaw cycles along with moist and dry cycles cause your wood fiber to constantly move as it shrinks and expands. This adversely affects the life expectancy of your wood fence. By applying a quality stain or sealer, you can dramatically reduce the movement due to freeze thaw and heat and cold by sealing the moisture out but also in to create a more stable material.

UV rays are inhibited primarily through solids in the stain. Be it a semi transparent or a solid color, the solids in the stain will block the UV.

With Stains and Sealers, you really get what you pay for. But you also need to recognize the assets and negatives of Water Based or Oil Based Stains. It is best to consult a preservative specialist to make those decisions, as each person may have different objectives and color choices. So there is no “One size fits all” approach.

Staining will preserve the natural beauty of your wood while protecting it from harmful UV rays, warping, and graying. Staining your fence will create a water-resistant surface, leaving your fence or deck beautiful and protected for years to come!

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